Friday, September 22, 2017

"AI and The Future" by Margaret Boden

Last Tuesday, I attended to an interesting guest talk by Professor Margaret Boden from University of Sussex under the topic AI and The Future. Even though I'm not much into Artificial Intelligence topic, I decided to attend to this session simply driven by curiosity. Most importantly, this is the first session of its kind I'm attending in UCD and therefore I just wanted to see how guest talks are going to be here. The talk was delivered at the Moore Auditorium in UCD Science Center.
In her talk, she mostly talked about the implications of AI systems in our everyday life and what she believes as the things to be worried about. The concern she pointed out in her talk is that, when AI systems replace human presence from certain activities, we tend to receive bad results and bad long term impacts on our society even though AI application can seem to be useful and makes life easier. In order to support her point, she took a broad range of examples including autonomous drones, AI systems to take care of elderly and kids.

Even though I have a habit of posing a question when I attend to sessions like these, unfortunately, I couldn't ask a question in this session. They were running out of time and many people wanted to ask questions. However, I feel that it's worth the time I invested on attending this guest talk. I will hopefully attend to the future sessions organized by them.

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