Saturday, February 4, 2023

Blogging: My Lost Habit

I've used to be a very enthusiastic blog writer over a decade ago. With time, the number of posts I write per year decreased drastically. By the year 2022, I was barely writing a single post — even that's after noticing the risk that I might go without a single post in that year. 

The benches at Kyunpook National University (KNU) in Daegu, South Korea. The picture was taken on a Sunday in mid-September, 2013. I was waiting for someone to meet me there.
Back in the days, most of my blog posts were on new technical knowledge that I had acquired. For example, while doing some project work, a research work in the lab, or even when trying to do some course work-related task, I've come across various challenging situations. The answers to such challenges were found by either searching in the web, or by exploring myself. Solutions I find in such situations are so precious and potentially can arise in the future again, to me and to others. Due to this very reason, such things deserve to be written down somewhere that myself and other's can easily find — that's what the blog is for. I've written very detailed blog posts on how to do this and that over the years.

In addition to technical posts, I have occasionally written about important events, experiences, and thoughts that I've came across. After several years, these special posts are a pleasure to read; they refresh memories and take me back across time.

So, all these facts points to the importance of keep writing blogs. In this year 2023, I'll restart the blogging habit and try to write as much as possible.