Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A good tool for designing research posters

Recently I had to design a poster for a conference. I was thinking about which tool to use for it. One of a researcher on our lab suggested me to use a free and open source tool called Scribus. I hadn't used it before but found that it is really helpful for designing the poster. 

Even though I'm not good at designing posters like stuff, I had to put a big effort to come up with my poster. Following image shows how it finally looked. It may not have been designed considering all the Do's and Dont's  of designing academic posters since I hadn't enough time to worry about them.

I hope Scribus will be the tool for me to prepare posters for a long time from now on.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Science and Music all together - The Symphony of Science

Recently I found a very nice website called The Symphony of Science which contains an excellent set of music with the voices of so many great people. I downloaded some of the music videos and they are really inspiring.

I would like to share two of those music videos which are my favorites.