Friday, October 22, 2010

Password for null GNOME keyring in SVN

Today I tried to commit my codes to the google code repository after working on my 3rd year project. But when commit it asked me this,

> Password for '(null)' GNOME keyring:

I didn't have any idea about it and I had't faced to a such prompt before. I typed my SVN account password but failed. I searched through web to find out what is this GNOME keyring and what's wrong with that. Finally I found that there are more people who had faced to such a problem.

There was a solution suggested to avoid the SVN prompting for a password for a keyring. That was putting commnd in the terminal.

> rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring

After giving this command in the terminal I committed and that keyring asking was gone. Usual username and password for SVN were asked and after entering them, the codes are successfully committed. But then suddenly a dialog box appeared and asked me to enter a new password for a keyring. I typed my login password there to face whatever happens.
No problem occurred up to now after doing that. However still I have no clear idea about what are those keyrings. :)

( It seems this link also useful. But I found this one after everything is over )