Friday, January 27, 2012

Dr. Kalam was here...

Few days ago, a famous scientist and former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam visited our university (University of Colombo). He delivered a nice lecture in here which was really inspiring. Even though I had so many works to do on that day, I thought I should attend the lecture somehow and now I'm so happy about that decision.

When I went to the Faculty of Graduate Studies where the lecture was scheduled to be delivered, there was a huge number of students and faculty members from almost all the faculties and institutions of University of Colombo. Since the auditorium was already full, the organizers had to arrange some other lecture halls with television sets to show the lecture live to the students who couldn't get into the auditorium.

After those halls too completely filled with students, they put another television set outside the building to allow the rest of the students see the lecture. I was one of them. When Dr. Kalam entered to the university from the main entrance gate, he was warmly welcomed by our vice chancellor and other staff members. While Dr. Kalam was walking towards the auditorium, he waved his hand at students who were standing outside building. He was a little man with a great personality.

He talked mainly about the importance of education. He remembered the great teachers who have shaped him to reach the today's position from his childhood. I really like the way Dr. Kalam was speaking. He said something that impressed me so much. He asked us to be like flowers. A flower blooms silently and spread its fragrance to all the beings equally. When its task is completed, it fall to the ground and die silently and peacefully. This is the way the life of a great man should be.

After the lecture I searched on the web to find some more information about Dr. Abdul Kalam and I found a website of him where lots of resources available. Most of the inspiring lectures he had done before are available to read in that website. I like the lecture he has delivered at University of Moratuwa too.