Thursday, August 7, 2014

A meal for the elderly house

Sometimes, unexpected opportunities comes into our lives to do some good. Suddenly one day in last month, a visitor came to our home. He had a file with some documents in his hand and looked very tired. He had been walking all over our village from home to home. His request was very simple. There's an elderly house which need our help. They were lack of supply of meals to the resident elders in the upcoming few days. This guy asked us whether if we can provide a meal for the elderly house in such a day. Among the very close dates available in his list, the only one which was affordable to us was the breakfast of 25th July which was after three days from then. We happily accepted it.

To get further details of this alms giving to the elderly house, I decided to visit there and talk to them about how this should be done. One morning I got dressed and went there by walk. This place is called "David Jayasundara Elderly Home" located closer to Thalpavila area. Even though initially I thought that it won't be hard to walk there, it was far from my home than I thought. I had to ask from several people passing by to correctly locate the place. When I visit there, a middle aged person was available to talk about the alms giving. He asked me to sit down and then he explained many things which I should know to perform this alms giving properly. This place gives shelter to about 30 adults in various ages which includes both males and females. The administrative guy told me that there are days where they don't have any meals as donations and therefore they have to cook. So, it would be better if we can give some dry food also so that they can cook it themselves in such days.

After I returned home, we had lot of discussions about what we would offer for the breakfast. Amma, my younger brother and me finally agreed to provide Pittu and Hoppers because I found out from my visit to elderly home that the residents like to eat these food types. Hoppers is something we can get easily by ordering from a small nearby shop. An aunt in a neighboring house offered us that she can prepare Pittu if we provide the ingredients. We provided everything such as coconuts, rice flour, etc. Other suitable side dishes which Amma prepared at home are Kiri Hodi and Seeni Sambol. Additionally we bought Banana. In addition to these food for the breakfast, we decided to donate some other food items which they can use to prepare their meals in other days which includes some noodles packets, Chili powder, salt, etc.

Finally, the time arrived. We helped Amma to prepare the food items which she was supposed to make at home. In early morning, Amma, Lahiru malli and me went to the elderly house by a three-wheeler carrying every thing and arrived there by 7.30am. First of all, all the residents and us joined to perform religious observances before offering the meals. Among the food items we offered, I think they liked to eat Pittu than Hoppers. Perhaps it's because they rarely get a chance to eat Pittu. It was a very delightful moment to see how they enjoy the meal we offered. 

Even though, I'm not a rich guy to spend lot of money on many such good causes, this was good enough to make me feel so happy. I think everybody in my home also felt good after making an alms giving to an elderly house after a long time. This remembered me a nice quote from somebody. 

"If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way"

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