Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Incredibly Exciting Thing, This One, Meaningless Life"

Dreams were my driving force. Still they are. Recently I came across a wonderful speech which caused an intellectual quest inside my head about what I'm really doing. At first, I thought it is a challenge to me just like a revolver pointed right on to my head. After reading it again and again, I realized its not such a challenge. It's a wonderful attitude of a wonderful guy which asked me to revise my own attitudes. He is correct at some points according to my own attitudes and he is absolutely wrong at some other points according to my own point of view. Anyway it is such a beautiful speech which deserve my own attention.

Tim Minchin is an Australian artist. He must be a very famous guy I guess, even though I hadn't hear much information about him. Oh, poor me. Anyway, very recently, he attended to a graduation ceremony and delivered an amazing speech at University of Western Australia. First of all, I have to mention that he speaks in a so beautiful way. Its really attractive whatever he say. Secondly I have to accept that I got shocked at some points in the middle of his speech. Some ideas he expressed in his speech challenged my own perspective about life. It caused me to rethink and be prepared to adjust anything that could have gone wrong in my life. So, here we go.

Among the life lessons he mentioned, I'm starting from the points which I agree and which I consider so beautiful. Minchin says, "Happiness is like an orgasm: if you think about it too much, it goes away. Keep busy and aim to make someone else happy, and you might find you get some as a side effect". This is really the definition of happiness. Throughout the past two decades I've realized that happiness is not about doing things which generates it on my own. Happiness is about making others happy. Specially the people who really cares you, the people who are ready to loss their own self for your own good. They will do everything they can to keep you happy and alive. So, they deserve your care and sacrifices to maintain their happiness. When you see they are happy, you will realize that you are happy too. That's the ultimate happiness. The selfless happiness. At some other point, Minchin expresses about the definition of our own self. He says, "Define yourself by what you love". I truely believe him in this point. I always prefer to define myself by what I really love to do. That's where I put my genuine effort, my sweat, my tears and everything I have. I always tried to do things which I really love to do. So, thats the way I can define myself, who I am, whom I really want to be and how I should get there. I'm with Minchin in there in that point.

Now it's time to talk about the things which challenged me, which shocked me and pushed me to an intellectual quest. Minchin said in his speech that, "You don't have to have a dream". The way he elaborated his view convinced me like those who have big dreams are crazy and just wasting their short lifetime. Well, I'm a dreamer. I make progress in my life by trying to chase dreams. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I failed. But I never blamed my dreams. They were with me almost all the time of my life. Sometimes they were with me even when nobody else was. They have been dragging me so far in life which makes me face so many challenges. Sometimes they makes me tired. Sometimes they makes me fall down and even cry. But they sit besides me until I wipe the tears, take a long breath and start moving again. So, I have a great respect on my dreams. Sometimes they are the only hope. I will keep them, feed them and love them. They will not leave me alone when I fall down next time in the battle field of life.

So, in conclusion, thank you Tim Minchin for this wonderful speech. Its truly wonderful, incredible and enlightening. Its true that there are some places where I don't agree with you. But your speech really deserve my time. He says at the end, "It’s an incredibly exciting thing, this one, meaningless life of yours". Of course, its an incredibly exiting thing, this life. And yes its truly meaningless since we are a result of random events occurred in the universe for millions and billions of years. But still, I believe its worth searching for a meaning, chasing dreams until oneday I fail, fall down and die somewhere in this universe. That might be the meaning of my life. Nobody knows. Perhaps I will never know.


  1. I was reading your articles suddenly today and I almost fell for them. You're a beautiful human being! -Sam

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Sam! :-)