Friday, December 14, 2012

Memories of ICTer 2012 Conference

Title slide of my presentation
Yesterday I attended to ICTer 2012 conference since one of the papers I co-authored is in the proceedings of the conference. Our paper title was TikiriPower – Using TikiriDB abstraction on Smart Home systems. This research was done by the SCoRe research group some time back. First author of the paper was Mr. Lakmal Weerawarne who worked with us for a considerable amount of time. However since now he has left for studying for his Ph.D, I was the person next in the line to conduct the presentation at ICTer 2012.

Our paper was scheduled to be in the Systems and Performance Evaluation session. Prof. Sudhir Dixit from HP labs India was the invited speaker of the session. Even though initially I was a little bit excited since that was the first time I was presenting a paper in this kind of a huge event, after few minutes I gained the confidence to move ahead in the latter part of the presentation. In the Q & A session after my presentation, Prof. Athula Ginige raised some questions but luckily I managed to provide him explanations.

In addition to presenting a paper, there were more benefits of attending the conference. Besides listening to other presentations, I tried my best to talk to other attendees of the conference as much as I could. Among other attendees, three people were so much friendlier to me. Dr. Gordon Hunter had visited with his Ph.D student Mr. Dilaksha Attanayake from Kingston University, London. Both of them were so nice people. Both of them along with few more co-authors had published a paper titled "A Novel Web-Based Tool to Enhance Learning of Mathematical Concepts" in ICTer 2012. So, they were here to present it. Another interesting person I met is  Dr. George Weir from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He didn't present any paper but he delivered a keynote speech and conducted an interesting workshop.

Altogether I'm sure the people I met, the experiences and knowledge I gained will leave a footprint in my memory for a long time.


Mr. Dilaksha from Kingston university had taken some pictures at the conference during my presentation. He emailed me the pictures later.

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