Friday, August 10, 2012

Myna's Struggle, Two Girls and Computer Science

Today morning I could just come closer to the main entrance of UCSC building complex. I heard a huge noise. There were three birds on the ground in front of the auditorium. Two were Crows and the other one was a Myna. The crows were pulling the Myna from two sides and Myna tried it's best to escape from this trouble. I didn't think twice even though I could be interrupting some natural event happening in the environment everyday. I didn't care. I just wanted to save the Myna.

When I run towards them, the two crows flew away while the Myna was still on the ground. One leg of the Myna was trapped in some kind of a nylon string. Because of that it was in trouble. I think the Crows were trying to take the advantage of it. Anyway I tried my best to remove that string but it was not that easy. And also the bird seemed so weak and I thought it was going to die. At this time a good idea came to my mind. The Department of Zoology in University of Colombo has lot of bird lovers. I have seen some events they organise every year about birds and different kinds of other animals. I thought they could do something. So I took the bird and walked towards the Department of Zoology.

Near the department, there were two girls having a chat and I talked to them. When they saw the bird they quickly responded by taking it from my hand. They said they can fix that nylon string problem and take care of the bird. Then they ran into their department building. So, there was nothing left for me to do about the bird.

While I was walking back to our UCSC building, some nice things came into my mind. When I was doing Mathematics back in my A/Ls, I felt like Mathematics is the greatest thing in this world and any other subject is just nothing in front of it. When I started to do Computer Science in university I felt like CS is the most powerful collection of knowledge within the human knowledge boundary. Sometimes it felt like we know a huge part of human knowledge base when I approach my final year. Today I learnt the lesson of the importance of experts in different fields thanks to the Myna, two Crows and the two girls. If we didn't had people with different interests and passions on different subjects this world would have become so different than today. Thanks to this diversity of passions, humans are still ahead of any living being we know in this universe.

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