Saturday, October 15, 2016

An Ariticle in APNIC Blog

Few days ago, I received a chance to write an article in the official APNIC blog. APNIC is the registry organization of IP addresses in the Asia and Pacific regions. Recently they held their APNIC-42 conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka and as a part of it, they help various workshops. Dr. Kasun de Zoysa from UCSC got an opportunity to participate as a resource person in a workshop and there he presented some of our recent research works to minimize human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka using IoT technologies.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. Kasun invited his colleague of the workshop Mr. Jonathan Brewer to see our SCoRe lab and the things we are doing there. Finally, he introduced us to the editors of the APNIC blog and invited us to write an article about our research work. The result was the article I wrote to them. Actually, it is not the original content I wrote to them but an edited one by the experienced editors.

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