Friday, May 13, 2016

Prof. Valentine Joseph

A few weeks ago, I received a chance to attend  to an interesting event organized by Department of Mathematics in University of Colombo. It was a guest talk conducted by former professor of the same department, Prof. Valentine Joseph. The title of his talk was Einstein: "The Wunderkind". It was a so beautiful talk about Einstein and his theories organized in such a way to show how simple and natural the view of Einstein. I got to know that the word Wunderkind is a German word with the meaning Wonderful Child. It was one hour talk mixed with mathematical equations written in the white board (which I didn't understand, to be honest :)) and beautiful explanations based on some real world examples.

Professor Valentine is a well known professor sometime back in UoC and his students are the people now running the administration as staff members. I heard that he has worked under Einstein as a student many years ago which surprised me in the first time heard it. I couldn't believe that UoC had staff members who reached such distances. At an age like this, with so many difficulties of standing up and talking to a large audience, he didn't hesitate to walk to the white board and make explanations. His courage and knowledge made me so glad that I attended to his guest talk that day.

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