Saturday, September 20, 2014

A visit to CGR workshop at Rathmalana

Few weeks ago, I got a chance to visit Rathmalana railway workshop. This is where almost all the railway engines and other equipment are repaired. This workshop is dispersed over so many acres of land with different factory buildings. I went their with Dr. Kasun and few other members of the lab. In this journey, we were lucky to get into a Class S9 locomotive engine. Following are few highlights from the journey.

A factory building inside the workshop which repair railway engines.

Inside the factory.

An engine frame completely rebuilding. Perhaps it's got destroyed from an accident.

The Class S9 engine to which I got into.

Drivers view from inside the Class S9 engine.
This is something unforgettable and a rare chance. Therefore I think I will never forget about this visit.


  1. hey brother i want more details to make a report can u give me more please

  2. What kind of details do you want from me? Since this visit 2 years ago, I didn't have any contact with this CGR workshop in Rathmalana :)