Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shoot The Flurry !! :-)

Due to the vast dominance of hand-held devices such as Smartphones and Tabs, the role of PC based applications have moved onto the hand-held device platforms. Gaming applications are no exception. As one of the most popular mobile platforms, Android device users has a huge variety of Games available to select. Since, hand-held devices tend to stay with the user almost all the time from the moment he/she wake up in the morning till the day is done at night, mobile games are within the reach of a user always.

Shoot The Flurry is a completely new mobile game for the Android platform which comes with a new concept. Aligning with the recent trend among mobile game players to choose games with very simplistic ideas, Shoot The Flurry gives a maximum experience. In this game, you are provided with metal balls which move around a wooden wheel in a circular path. When you tap anywhere on the screen, a metal ball escapes from the wheel and flies in a linear direction. In the meantime, balloons of various colors falls down over the screen continuously. Your task is to hit as much balloons as possible to collect your score. Every hit on a balloon earns you a point. When you miss a balloon, you loose a life value which is a rare resource since you have only limited life values.

With beautiful graphics and smooth game play, Shoot The Flurry brings you the joy of playing a completely new game absolutely for no cost. The developer behind Shoot The Flurry is a small team of creative and talented guys from Sri Lanka. Starting from a completely new game concept, they evolved it into a beautiful game as you now see as Shoot The Flurry. It's built on top of an advanced game engine which enables the compatibility of the game to various Android platforms. Even though the game currently comes with just three game play levels, the developers are planning to release more levels with more attractive features in the coming future. Moreover, Shoot The Flurry will not be limited to Android platform as it will come for your iPhone very soon.

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Enjoy Shooting The Flurry !!!

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