Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moving Into an Important Time

I couldn't write something useful here for a considerable time. Even though I'm really busy on my final year project works I was unhappy about leaving my blog without writing something. I'm writing this post to make my mind although there's nothing useful in it.

Currently I'm in a crucial time period in my final year project. The designing phase went without any pain but now I'm facing so many issues from the beginning of implementation phase. So, for about a month I had a huge pressure in my head. But I think now most of those issues are solved to a considerable extent and therefore I hope to move in a straightforward process. That's about my project.

EasyPic Board (thanks to Chathika for the picture)

In this semester I'm taking the Robotics & Embedded Systems course and therefore I have to work with electronic stuff. Even though I'm working closely with embedded platforms from a longer time in Wireless Sensor Networks research work, I hadn't step into much lower hardware level. In this semester with this new course I think I will earn the necessary skills in electronics that I was lacking for years.

There's another important thing we have ahead. It's the ICTer 2012 conference. International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer) is mainly organised by our university with so many partners. As the SCoRe research group we hope to submit a paper to it. So, currently we are completing the paper writing task these days. The call for papers notice can be found here.

So, in every aspect it's a busy time. But I will try my best to keep my blog alive since this is the place which allows me to write anything I like.


  1. you can use arduino board to implement your project
    less code

  2. Yeah, we have arduino boards too. However I feel that arduino is in too much high level for someone who wants to learn embedded systems. Don't you think so?
    If someone want to build some devices their own, I think it's PIC that they should learn first. What's you idea about that?

  3. With this kind of an evaluation board you can do anything. How much?

  4. When we look at sensor network field, there are plenty of Adruino's Atmega type much resource rich MCUs. For example Sky motes contain MSP430 MCUs, MicaZ contain AVR MCUs. They are ready to use platforms. We can easily program them and use for our purposes.

    But I hadn't any good experience in implementing my own circuits with MCUs and do different things with them. That's why I find PIC works as interesting, since I'm a novice to it. :)

    But of course if our requirement is a much high level functionality, then those Arduino type devices should be the choice. That's what we do in wireless sensor networks. However the purpose of our embedded systems course is to touch much more lower level, I guess.