Monday, October 24, 2011

Ending Words of a Chapter

Life is so much exiting and interesting. Last seven months of my life offered me so much things and added a new value to me. My time spent in the WASN laboratory was a dream that I had from a long time to be a real Computer Science researcher. It offered me to explore the potential of my capabilities. I received the opportunity to work with so many really intersting people and learn from them every bit and byte that I should have known to be a real scientist.

The project works that I have been involved through the internship period belongs to two different areas in Computer Science. First one is Computer Forensics and the other is Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN). From these two different fields I'm in love with the second one which contains almost all the things that impressed me all over my journey in Computer Science. 

    At first hand, WSN takes you to really a lower level in computers. You have to deal with embedded platforms where your capabilities are very limited. The processing power of your CPU, the capacity of your RAM are really limited. Therefore your program codes can't be written in too much highlevel languages with heavy APIs. Your preferred laguage will be C or something below it :). In simple terms, you are naked on the Silicon wafer. You are on your own.

    This is where everything that they taught you in Computer Systems, Operating Systems and System Programming courses comes to help you. If you were sleeping at those lecture halls, you will feel sorry at such a resource constraind environment like Wireless Sensor Networks.

Another intersting thing that I met in WSN related works is that there are lots of networking stuff. You have to deal with different routing protocols, data packets etc. All the communication that you will do inside a wireless sensor network has to be done in an energy efficient way. This is because it is not only the CPU power and memory capacity that puts you in trouble. You are running on a battery and it's capacity to power you is also limited. The deadliest thing that can happen to you is running out of battery power. And thats all about WSNs.

    My internship is over. Now I'm infront of another change. I'm starting my fourth year which is obviously the final one. It is a very rare opportunity since they select only 40 people out of a batch of 160 people to do a fourth year. So, I feel I'm privileged to do it. There are so many things in my mind that I have to do during that year. Specially I have to work for more publications. Publishing only final year research is not enough. I need more. Therefore I hope to continue my works in the WASN laboratory during the year ahead also. Our WASN laboratory is my fountain for new research experiences.

    Before ending this chapter I would like to remind here someone who helped me to climb the ladder of life so far. She is my grandmother. Our family have came across really hard situations from my childhood with financial problems. Aachchi(grandmother) was with us and she gave her helping hand to us when we were down. She always wanted us to study hard and achieve the best things of life. She passed away on 25th of last September. When life was hard she was with us. But when life is becoming better she isn't with us. She couldn't wait to see the best things and best achievements of her grandsons'. Thank you Aachchi for everything you've added to our lives.

Thats all about a chapter in the book of my life. Hope this book will have more chapters.

"Life is a school and we are here to learn.  Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons we learn will last a lifetime"

                    - by Someone

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